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Education is seen as "the key" to breaking the poverty cycle and can impact future generations. Educated girls are more likely to ensure their own children are educated and their children are usually healthier. In a nutshell education enhances not only individual lives but families, communities and nations in so many ways. 


War, civil war, and poverty in so many parts of the world mean that some 57 million children remain out of school (World Bank 2013). The countries of Sub-Saharan Africa are the worst affected although most developing countries have large numbers of children who don't go to school. 


Teachers are a powerful influence on the children they teach and can be wonderful role models especially for those who are orphaned, or come from dysfunctional homes; they really can shine God's love into the hearts and minds of the young. Teachers influence their classes but teacher trainers affect a generation. If you are interested in getting involved and knowing more about our Education work please contact one of our SENDING BASES

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