Mediterráneo oriental

Jesus is Lord and we have the privilege of participating in the coming of the kingdom of God in the nations

Our team in the Eastern Mediterranean run a ministry training program which is designed to equip men and women for ministry in the Muslim World. Students live together in an intense community environment for three months where our goal is to help them grow in knowledge, experience, and character. We have been training people from diverse backgrounds and helping them get connected to ministry opportunities around the world.

We had an excellent group graduate this year from Exile Ministry Training. They were a diverse group from Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, the U.S., Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. They have all gone on to serve in various ministry contexts. Some of them were able to travel to Turkey to assist in the relief effort after the devastating earthquake in February. And we now have another promising group of students scheduled to arrive in September.

OMS Hacemos atender?

Turkish Cypriots, Turks, Central Asians and other Russian speakers (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Belarus, etc.) Africans (Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Uganda, etc.), Iranians, Arabic speakers (Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Palestine, Dubai, etc).

Cómo Hacemos atender?

Church planting, discipleship, evangelism, business projects, business training, coffee and wine training, ministry training, food bank

cual es nuestro visión for the Eastern Mediterranean?

We want to see the ministry training program expand, possibly offering it two or three times per year. And we want to see the church grow, especially among Turkish Cypriots. And we would like to see more business projects throughout the region.

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Formas de servir:

Art Gallery Management, Barista Training, Business Administration, Church Planting, Hospitality, Ministry Training

¿Qué habilidades se necesitan?

Turkish, Farsi, and Russian speaking teachers and leaders. People with an interest and experience in business. People with in-depth, academic training in Bible and theology.

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