Entrenamiento en Venezuela

Ene 3, 2024 | Stories

Deepa, ha trabajado en World Horizons durante más de veinte años. Ella y su esposo Jesús Ayala sirvieron en el sur de Asia durante diez años antes de regresar a Venezuela para liderar la capacitación de candidatos misioneros venezolanos.

“Ever since I got involved in missions 25 years ago it’s been on my heart to see more Latins serving in cross-cultural fields. After coordinating and assisting in 5 mission training programs, and facing many challenges and hurdles to see our trainees serving in those fields, often the question arise, why keep training Venezuelans if it is such an ordeal for them to raise support or why do we continue to invest our efforts in a few?

It’s been a humbling experience to train workers in Venezuela and to rely completely on God to make a way for them to the fields, and my answer is quite simple, God is working in us Resilience.

To continue challenging the local church when missions is not its priority.
To keep on believing in the call that God ignited in the hearts of his people.
To resist the temptation to leave the country, “looking for a better future” away from God’s will.
To trust in God’s favor and provision in all circumstances.

Thanks to the Father, who has eternal purposes with the Venezuelan people. He continues to call, move, and supply for them and very soon we will have more Venezuelans joining the training program Pioneer Initiative in Paraguay, aiming to serve cross-culturally.”

Pioneer Initiative 2.0 – Paraguay
Iniciativa Pionera 2.0 – Paraguay

"El evento más fotogénico fue nuestro viaje de campamento el fin de semana pasado, a una antigua cantera con aguas profundas en su base, un lugar popular en un país tan plano. Llevamos vivos con nosotros nuestra cena de pollo, pescamos nuestro desayuno de pescado y descendimos en rápel a todos. el...

The Dead Goat
La cabra muerta

One pastor, together with his sons and several boys from his church, were faced with the choice to abandon Christ and join the jihadists, or be killed. They chose to be killed rather than deny Christ, and were executed. When he heard this, another pastor said: "First,...

There are children all around
There are children all around

When we arrived in 2015, we rented a house through the internet. We didn’t know the neighborhood or if it was a good place, but it was the only option we had at that time. The house was nice, but we discovered that we were living in a very suspicious...