We believe everyone has a part to play in loving God and loving others parmi tous les peuples.

You are unique.

Nous avons personnalisé nos programmes de formation pour travailler avec différentes personnes à différentes phases de la vie.

Discover some of the pathways to working with us below:

Horizons du monde est un mouvement intergénérationnel et culturellement divers international.

We help people to work among all peoples through familiarisation, on-boarding, language acquisition, professional development, ongoing pastoral support, prayer and the prophetic all around the world.

Short-term Placements



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Pioneer Initiative 2.0 – Paraguay
Pioneer Initiative 2.0 – Paraguay

"The most photogenic event was our camping trip last weekend, to an old quarry with deep water at its base – a popular spot in such a flat country.  We carried alive with us our chicken dinner, caught our fish breakfast, and rappelled everyone down the...

Training in Venezuela
Training in Venezuela

Deepa, has served with World Horizons for more than twenty years. She and her husband Jesus Ayala, served in South Asia for ten years before returning to Venezuela to lead the training of Venezuelan mission candidates.

The Dead Goat
The Dead Goat

The militant Islamist insurgency is background to much that is happening in West Africa. As well as suffering brought to Muslims and Christians alike with millions of people forced to flee their homes, the church is increasingly targeted. Several of our friends have been attacked, kidnapped, or killed. But in many places, the church continues to stand, and to reach out with love and the gospel.

Êtes-vous prêt à explorer votre avenir ?

Réservez un appel découverte avec nous pour commencer votre voyage

Chez World Horizons, nous voulons voyager avec vous alors que vous explorez à quoi pourrait ressembler cet appel et vous montrer comment le vivre afin que vous puissiez jouer votre rôle dans la construction du Royaume de Dieu.