Acreditamos que a vida é uma grande aventura

and that every person has the potential to pioneer new ways of doing new things and to explore what God has for them.

Personalizamos nossos programas de treinamento para trabalhar para diferentes pessoas em diferentes fases da vida.

Nosso sonhar é ver seguidores apaixonados de Jesus de ao redor do mundo tornar-se fazedores de discípulos nas nações.

The world is always changing, and so is our training.  We offer different pathways for training in different parts of the world.


Current options:

Pioneer Initiative

Looking for adventure? Willing to jump into the unknown?

Nine months of dedicated training in Paraguay where you will learn to completely rely upon God followed by two years devoted to living in one of the most spiritually and culturally challenging locations on earth.

World Horizons is a multi-national Christian charity. Serving together in teams, our common goal is to share the Gospel with people who have never heard it and in places where there is no church. Often these communities exist in the hard, remote or dangerous regions of the world.

The Pioneer Initiative reignites this core vision; equipping teams to build on existing ministry foundations. Teams will live among a people group where many have never heard the name of Jesus. They will form strong, supportive communities, seeking creative ways to bring Jesus to those who, as yet, don’t know of his love for them.


Intensive team preparation in Paraguay
The nine months of comprehensive, intensive, team-based training consists of both highly practical preparation and essential mission-based studies. You can be sure spirit, body and mind will be well prepared to venture out into an off-the-grid mission environment.

Essential mission-based studies
An introduction to foundational global mission themes including the history of mission, world religions, hermeneutics, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, discipleship, prayer, church planting, cross-cultural adaptation and multicultural team dynamics.


Practical coaching
Informative training covering a range of highly practical topics including bush craft, foraging, car mechanics, wilderness first aid, water skills, physical fitness, staying safe, developing resilience, canoeing, and hair dressing.

Faith strengthening
Develop spiritual resilience as a team; pray and worship together, study the Bible and seek to hear from God.


Preparation in Paraguay
Dates: nine months (2023)
For those applying to join one of World Horizons existing teams around the world long-term, there is the option to complete the nine month preparation of the Pioneer Initiative as your pre-field training.

Dates: two years 
The current Pioneer Initiative programme has commenced and is now closed to applicants.  Please use the contact form below to express an interest in training opportunities and future Pioneer Initiatives.

Ministry Training

We run an intensive, residential ministry training program in Asia Minor that equips men and women to serve in the Muslim World.

Every September we draw students from Asia Minor, Central Asia, Europe and North America to gather as a community, dedicated to a transformed way of living so that we can impact the world around us.

Drawing inspiration from the historic monastic communities in this part of the world, we live out a commitment to God and to one another as we cultivate an environment for our students to grow in knowledge, experience, and character.

Our Asia Minor Ministry Training is an intensive three-month program with an optional three month internship placement in one of more than a dozen ministry locations in the Muslim world, serving alongside existing teams and ministries. During the program, our students will receive classes on the Bible, theology, spiritual formation and discipleship, history of religions and cross-cultural ministry.

We think of the commitment we make to one another during this program as the most important part of equipping that takes place. It is in the context of community that character is grown. By living together we learn the disciplines of generosity, humility, forgiveness, reconciliation, vulnerability, sacrifice, and service.


Our community is located on an island in Asia Minor in the heart of the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. The training takes place at an eco-tourism hotel and garden where students live together in a facility near the coast. It is an ideal location for communal living, where our lives are shared with one another in a rhythm of prayer, work, and study. The village is close enough to bigger towns to stay connected, and remote enough to be a genuine exit from the world around us.

Classes take place in a sprawling cave on the property and work responsibilities take place in the garden, in our nearby vineyard, or in our coffee roasting and wine-making areas.

We live out a rhythm of prayer, work, and study. All of our trainees learn about coffee roasting and brewing and optionally about wine and wine-making. We have our own coffee roaster and a growing wine-making operation in addition to our cafe. Our business exists to give business training and experience to our students, to give them employment opportunities so that they can sustain themselves in ministry, and to bring tangible benefit to the island. Students receive an in-depth education in the world of coffee, including basic coffee knowledge, the origins of coffee, brewing methods, espresso, filter coffee, Turkish coffee, and coffee roasting.

This program is also one of the ways through which you can join World Horizons in full-time ministry. Find out more by filling in the contact form below.