We desire to see new fellowships emerge in cities where there currently are none

The population of this country of 85 million has fewer than 10,000 believers in Jesus, making this still the largest underserved country in the world. At the same time, it hosts 4 million refugees, more than any other country in the world. But the people are hungry for change and meaning, and the younger generation and the displaced show a great interest in the hope the gospel gives. We feel an urgent call to respond to the deep needs of the people of Türkiye with the love of Jesus.

Our team has two major aims: church planting and ministry training.  We have sent families to cities around Asia Minor to assist nationals in local church planting. Our team also maintains active and supportive relationships with local believers in areas where there are no churches. We are praying for the Lord to provide workers that we can send to partner with local believers in planting fellowships in these unreached regions. 

Every year, new groups of local believers gather to live in a prayer-based community setting and receive applied training for ministry. Equipping participants to discover their part in mission, the training builds towards cross-cultural ministry placements in other cities and countries. The vision is to see local believers equipped to share the gospel and lead ministry in their own countries as well as in other nations. 

Who do we serve in Asia Minor?

We serve among ethnic Turks, Kurds, or Arabs. We also serve asylum seekers and refugee candidates fleeing conflict throughout the surrounding region. Most of our ministry is conducted in Turkish but we also are involved in ministries in the Arabic and Persian languages.

How do we serve?

Our projects are aimed toward local church development and ministry training. We also carry out projects that impact Turkish society with the gospel, including art ministry, business development and earthquake relief initiatives. We team with local believers to plant churches in unreached provinces, and teach and mentor in training programs for future leaders in the Turkish and Arabic-speaking church.  

What is our vision for Asia minor?

We receive ongoing requests for expanded art ministry, including spiritual art therapy workshops, creating original works to enhance worship and generate interest in local churches, and engaging the community through collaborative projects. We also identify Turkish-speaking and Arabic-speaking groups in various provinces without leadership. We desire additional workers to partner with local believers and establish fellowships in these underserved areas.

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Ways to Serve:

Art Gallery Management, Church Planting, Evangelism & Discipleship (Arabic or Turkish), Hospitality, IT & Communications, Ministry Training, Visual Arts and Crafts

What skills are needed?

We need artists, Arabic language disciplers, and pioneering church planters. Many of these skills (like language or artistic ability) could be learned on the field, but we are looking for people who will devote themselves to the field of ministry they choose. We also have a need for people with IT and business skills to develop websites and social media campaigns within Turkey. 

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