We have a long history of mobilizing and training in Brazil, with hundreds sent out over the years

Due to its territorial size, Brazil is considered a “continental country”. In addition to the numerous world mission challenges, there is also a “mission vision” for our country to reach out to the unreached or less-reached people in our nation.

In Brazil, there are under-served “minority groups”, and the Brazilian Transcultural Missions Association (BTMA) recognizes “Eight Segments of the Less Evangelized in Brazil”, seven of them are sociocultural: Indigenous people, Riverside people, Gypsies, Sertanejos (small poor farmers) Quilombolas (enslaved refugees), Diaspora peoples or immigrants and the deaf; and a socioeconomic segment: the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor.

Last year, we formed a new Leadership Team, in a “Shared Leadership” format (field leader + three more people), in which each one took on a role for which they showed interest and/or personal skill.

Since then, we have aligned this new vision of Leadership and aligned plans and processes to develop a more effective and efficient administration, humanly speaking, without overlapping efforts and, at the same time, having continuity and complementation, in a synergy for the execution of what has been proposed.

Who do we serve in Brazil?

We are working with Riverside Residents of the Amazon Basin Region (“Povos Ribeirinhos”), especially with the “Riverside Children”. We have a team in the city Santarém in Pará State. We also work with Warao Venezuelan Indigenous refugees there. In the city of Bauru, in the countryside of São Paulo State, we have a team working with Afghan refugee families.

How do we serve?

We form teams to do outreach and discipleship of riverside children in communities that can only be reached by boat. We welcome and provide assistance (Portuguese lessons, providing documents for staying in Brazil, directing children to schools, etc.) with the support of a Humanitarian NGO that provides financial resources for refugees

What is our vision for Brazil?

We want to motivate and mobilize the Brazilian Church to carry out mission with a biblical, intentional and conscious vision of the process of sending caring for missionaries. We want to support the Church in the process of recruiting, training and sending workers to the most neglected or least reached peoples in Brazil and wherever in the world the Holy Spirit indicates.

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Ways to Serve:

Projects, Fundraising, Hospitality, IT & Communication, Training, Mobilization, Pastoral Care, Professional Assistance, Teachers of Specific Subjects (theology and missiology).

What skills are needed?

At this moment, we need people with skills in pastoral counselling, missionary integral care, digital mission mobilization (digital technology area), professionals with different skills who could donate few hours a week to support field and mission work (doctors, psychologists, dentists, lawyers, intercessors, pastors, professionals from different areas to work on the project team, people from social media, designers, etc.).

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