Central & East Africa

We long to see people made whole spiritually, emotionally, and physically

The growth in number and maturity of the church in Central and East Africa has been tremendous in the last century. We see the immense potential in this region and aim to celebrate the positives of these nations and their diverse peoples.

As followers of Jesus, we are motivated to participate in releasing this potential through prayer, church-planting, training, and social action projects that empower the poor. 

For the last 5 years, the team in Chad has run an annual month-long training program for those who want to learn how to better “love their neighbor”, whether near or far. They have been able to purchase a large plot of land to build a Training Institute in the south of the country to mobilize and mentor national Christians to be sent to the tribes of Chad and beyond. The plan is to provide practical training in agriculture and medical care as part of the training.

Who do we serve in Central Africa?

We are serving a diverse set of people in the countries of Chad, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.  

How do we serve?

We work through medical, educational, and agricultural programmes to meet people’s physical needs. 

We establish women’s and children’s projects to ensure the vulnerable in society are cared for, befriending them, and caring for their emotional needs. 

We care for people’s spiritual well-being, offering bible study, prayer and more intensive training for those feeling called to use their gifts to establish churches where there is no church yet. 

What is our vision for Central Africa?

We have seen God establish communities of faithful believers who carry God’s heart to be agents of transformation for their people and others in different countries. We long to see this kind of work multiplied, with local believers envisioned and equipped for service! We provide training for cross-cultural work, and operate medical, educational, and agricultural projects; all of which could be served by greater human or financial resources. 

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Ways to Serve:

Business as Mission, Primary School Development, Health Care, Training

What skills are needed?

Our work in Central and East Africa requires people who recognize the new era in which we operate, working in partnership with the local Church in a holistic and sustainable way. We welcome people who are humble team players, who possess skills in the areas of medical care, education and training, or agriculture. 

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