Central Asia

We are discovering new ways to train, equip and empower the next generation 

We have two main desires for the Central Asian church. Firstly, for it to be self-sustaining with the next generation with new leaders trained to take on roles from those nearing retirement age. Secondly, for it to be prepared to send new church planters to less-served parts of the region where there are very few known believers.

We want every Central Asian to have the opportunity to hear about the Good News of Christ and join a fellowship that meets in their language and cultural setting. 

We have seen the Lord provide us with a coffee roaster so that we can import green coffee beans, roast them at a high quality and use them both at our partner café.

It has also enabled us to become known as one of the premium coffee producing companies in the whole country.

Who do we serve in Central Asia?

Our focus has been on primarily serving the Central Asian people – Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Uyghurs, Uzbeks, Turkmen, but also the large Russian-speaking minority present in these countries. We have been partnering with the local churches, seeking to serve these local believers. 

How do we serve?

We train and equip the next generation of Central Asian church leaders through specialized programs, fostering growth and impact. Our community-based training programs attract individuals in their twenties and thirties, both single and married.

We engage in business as mission ventures, including coffee roasting, connecting with coffee lovers and vendors. We also actively support local church expressions and encourage church planting initiatives in the region.

What is our vision for Central Asia?

Our vision is twofold: in the larger cities, we want to holistically meet the needs of the local people through business, creative arts, mental health ministry, and physical therapy. Secondly, we want to see local teams sent to smaller cities and towns across the region to plant churches and make Christ known where there is little access to the Gospel, who will rise up with local leadership. 

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Ways to Serve:

Business as Mission, Church Planting, Evangelism & Discipleship, Creative Arts

What skills are needed?

If God has given you specific gifts and skills, we believe those can be used on the Central Asian field as part of our local teams’ ministry. We also encourage all that join our team to get stuck in with what is already happening, and then new skills/gifts/opportunities will likely be identified that you can develop over the course of your time serving in ministry with us in Central Asia. 

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