God has put this wonderful country and its cultures on our hearts.

France was one of the first places that World Horizons ever had teams and we continue this legacy by reaching out to the next generations living in this beautiful nation. 

We want you to come, connect, learn, pray, help and be part of our delightful calling to our wonderful country and cultures. We want new people to join us, both in new initiatives or by joining in what we are already doing.

Right now we are quite an experienced and diverse community of people working in a range of ministries but all with a desire to build the church in all its beautiful elements in France and in authentically French ways.

In response to the war in Ukraine, we discovered that France was considering hosting displaced families from this country. We supported a group coming from Portugal to put together supplies to send to the Poland-Ukraine border, and then on their way back, bring Ukrainians to France to receive help and support. Seeing the need and meeting it is crucial to our team here in France, whether that is to those living here, or to those who will seek refuge here in the future.

Who do we serve in France?

We are serving several different communities in France. In the north, we are reaching immigrant communities as well as local French speakers in Lille and Roubaix. In the south, we are also involved in ministry to internationals as well as those living in Marseille and the Rhone Valley. In the southwest, we have a special interest in reaching the Basque people, and the international surfing community.

How do we serve?

We are involved in supporting local churches and church plants, children’s, youth and student ministries, we develop rhythms of prayer for the nation, teach English, host arts and music festivals and build friendships with internationals.

What is our vision for France?

As a team we are praying and discerning where it is we are to set up teams next in this country. We have a desire to see World Horizons ministries in each region, and want to raise up more French believers to go and serve in the nations.

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Ways to Serve:

Administration, Bookkeeping, Children & Families Ministry, Communications, English Language Teaching, Ministry Training

What skills are needed?

We are in need of those gifted in Administration, Bookkeeping, Children & Families Ministry, Communications, English Language Teaching and Ministry Training to join our teams in France.

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