Middle East

We seek healthy intercultural partnership that values the leadership of local believers.

World Horizons in the Middle East encompasses countries within the ‘Bible lands’ and includes parts of Arabic speaking North East Africa. Our teams work closely with small local churches to show the love of God through meeting the needs of their local communities and sharing His good news alongside their day to day jobs.

We work in one country strategically placed in the centre of the Middle East as a place of refuge, training and equipping, for people to be sent out to the region and beyond. Our vision is to reach all parts and peoples of this nation and to go and send people out to the rest of the Middle East and North Africa.

Currently there is an unprecedented interest in Christianity throughout the region making this a very special opportunity in history. Committed and determined workers are desperately needed to the local church and ensure that what has begun in the Middle Eastern harvest fields can be brought to completion, and not just result in isolated pockets of believers.

‘Movements towards Christ do not take place spontaneously. They occur when someone sacrificially responds to God's call and brings the good news. There are 2,157 Muslim people groups around the world. This means movements have occurred among only 1.5% of them. There is so much work yet to be done.’
– David Garrison ‘A Wind in the House of Islam

Who do we serve in Middle East?

As well as the majority people group, a number of different ethnicities make up the population living in the Middle Eastern country we focus our work in. These include Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese and Egyptians, as well as Bedouin and Turkmen nomadic communities. It is a largely Muslim country with a significant minority of Christians (approx. 5%). We have two teams working there, one amongst Sudanese refugees and the other reaching the rural majority and Bedouin.

How do we serve?

One team lives as farmers, reaching out to local people through friendship, evangelism, Bible teaching and prayer. They also work to train and encourage local believers to reach out.

The other team work in partnership with other agencies and local churches to provide education and health care for Sudanese refugees.

What is our vision for Middle East?

With more people, we would plant teams around the country and beyond to teach the good news of Jesus. We want to plant praying and worshipping communities.

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Ways to Serve:

Business as Mission, Church Planting, Evangelism & Discipleship, Primary School Development

What skills are needed?

Evangelists, business people who can help start small enterprise projects for local believers, those with a heart for refugees and with evangelistic skills.

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