North Africa

We aim to serve those who have otherwise little opportunity to hear the life changing message of the Gospel. 

Our teams in North Africa are seeking to sensitively share God’s love with those they befriend. Many people are looking for solutions to their nation’s problems, and to personal challenges; unemployment, a lack of social welfare and harsh economic inequality are experienced by many. There is also the threat of conservative movements growing in the background. Despite the current circumstances, this is a significant time to show love and share the hope we have – more people have become followers of the Way and showing deep interest than ever before. More workers are needed to take up opportunities in areas where He is simply not yet known. 

In the face of everyday discrimination, local followers are persevering in following Him. Workers, by responding with flexibility and ongoing commitment, continue to build relationships and support growing local communities. Through working in a variety of businesses, social projects, teaching or tourism, our workers are connected with people from all walks of life. It is our hope that they will mentor those they befriend by sharing with them about Him. 

“After our business meeting, my two friends and I were walking. The meeting was based on a job they wanted me to do but I am in a culture that blends the “professional” with the “personal” and so we talked about other things as well. One of my friends had to leave, but the other one and myself kept walking. That’s when he asked me a question that startled me, “do you think we can have the truth living inside us?” I said, “now we need to sit somewhere and have a coffee.”

And that's how I started talking to him about the possibility of the truth dwelling within us. He asked me questions, I answered, I shared verses from the Bible, we talked… What a good conversation we had! After an hour we said goodbye and I thanked God for the opportunity He had given me to talk about the Truth.  It is wonderful to see what God does when we obey His call. We just need to obey and walk, and the rest He will do.”

Who do we serve in North Africa?

We are represented in cities as well as rural areas and the mountains, serving Arabs and indigenous Berber people, working mainly with Muslims but also with local believers. 

How do we serve?

Our projects are mainly small business enterprises providing us with opportunities to work alongside local people, provide employment, friendship evangelism and some discipleship with local believers. 

What is our vision for North Africa?

Our vision is to expand our existing projects and businesses, to grow local teams to build community, and to reach out into new geographical areas. 

Want to know more about North Africa?

Ways to Serve:

Business initiatives, Church Planting, English Language Teaching, Hospitality, Mountain Guiding, Art Gallery Management 

What skills are needed?

We look for general qualities that encourage living and working as part of an international team. This includes a solid Christian lifestyle; a commitment to language learning and cultural adaptation; professional skills such as IT skills or experience and training in outdoor activities (Mountain Leader), as well as entrepreneurial skills. 

Where we make Jesus known