There are children all around

Dec 18, 2023 | Stories

We have been here in Paraguay as a missionary family since 2015, living in the countryside in a small town called Coronel Oviedo. I, Talita and my husband Rodolfo, together with and our two kids, we have been experiencing the challenges of planting a church and training local people to the glory of God.

When we arrived in 2015, we rented a house through the internet. We didn’t know the neighborhood or if it was a good place, but it was the only option we had at that time. The house was nice, but we discovered that we were living in a very suspicious neighborhood surrounded by very poor people and some drug issues. But the plan of God was and is perfect, and we didn’t take much time to realize why we were living there.

There are children all around! 

As you can imagine the curious children from the street started to approach to have a look at those foreigners (Rodolfo and Talita are from Brazil). God started telling to us to bring those children inside our house and teach them the Gospel. So, we did it! On the first day we had almost 40 in our backyard.

Because of these children, we planted a church in the neighborhood called San Miguel. We rented a place that had been a mechanic’s workshop and transformed it into a place where Jesus is worshipped. Nowadays we feed these children once a week with a healthy meal, teach them the word of God and wait on the Lord to see the fruits of salvation. As church, we have services and Bible studies. We are a team of two couples (from Brazil and Uruguay) and a single Brazilian man.

Opportunities for the Kingdom

We are blessed to serve the community in many ways. One of them is taking food once a week to the sick people who are in the Public Hospital because don’t have anything to eat. It’s a great opportunity to serve and pray for the people in need.

We have developed a ministerial seminar for native Christians who come from their indigenous tribes for one week to be trained and then go back to teach other in their native language. Since December 2022 we have a missionary base where some of the projects take place. During the January of Missions people come for three weeks to learn about missions and serve with their gifts.

Paraguay is a country of opportunities to serve God and be light through the darkness. Pray for us, get involved and let the Lord use you to bless this nation.

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