Getting out of the Netflix Cycle

Nov 6, 2023 | Prayer, Well-Being

We have the fabulous remit to love the world and to do this well we need to be balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually. If we are not, we don’t have much to give (and we tend to end up thinking mainly about ourselves!).

Many of us live full days that wear us down, emotionally and physically.  When we get home, we are ready for a rest, ideally watching something not too heavy on Netflix.  We get up tired the next day and repeat the process. It is helpful if we can recognise this cycle and find ways to live that bring balance and energy.

Below are seven areas of life that give us energy and real rest.  Have a quick scan and think about being intentional to live a full, healthy and balanced life.

#1 Heart

Find what it is that brings you life, that you could work on day and night without tiring and bring it to the centre of your life, as much as you can.

#2 Exercise

Not the big stuff, just something every day that gets you moving and does you good.

#3 Community

Know who it is God has given you for the journey and connect often. Make time to laugh, encourage, nurture and be nurtured.

#4 Study

Recognise the direction God is leading you and make time to be equipped.  Be good at knowing how to do practical things and at gaining relevant knowledge.

#5 Sabbath

An hour a day, a day a week, a week a year or something like that.  Having some solitude in the morning to give the day to the Lord and truly pour out your heart before God is super helpful.  Find things to do that allow you to reflect, think and be inspired and remind you that God loves you and is for you.

#6 Work

Choose to work hard and enjoy doing a good job.  Similarly, be good at putting boundaries around things, especially digital work.  For some of us, we are not going to actually ‘finish’ everything but need to choose the priorities for the day.

#7 Beauty

Beauty is our window to glimpse God, something more than our five senses can comprehend.  Take time to see the view, feel the breeze against your skin, admire the latte art, be taken somewhere by the music.  Allow beauty to permeate and stir your soul.

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